Our Services

OPC employs Chinese & Italian staff, fluent in Chinese, Italian and English

In detail, the services that OPC offers are the following:

Sourcing and selection for suitable Chinese suppliers

The process of sourcing and selecting suppliers is the first step in every international purchase transaction.

OPC is able to provide manufacturers’ list, prices and samples.

To start this search we need to get the following information:

  • Product Specifications
  • Technical sheets, where available
  • Samples where possible
  • Target price
  • Forecast annual intended volume of purchase

Chinese supplier audit

Where necessary, OPC performs crosschecks on suppliers both through factory inspections and competent authorities.

In principle, before a purchase order, it is advisable to perform this verification process, and also to know about the production capacity of a vendor.

Purchasing operations management

Once you have selected the manufacturer you want to work with and after negotiating purchase price, payment terms and production times, you should pass a trial order that, with a minimum or calculated risk, attests:

  • their actual production capacity
  • their actual understanding of the customer needs
  • their normal QC standards
  • their familiarity with normal routine procedures involving an export operation

Opc is able to support and manage all of these operations and, under the guidance of the customer, who represents the final decision maker, finalize the purchase order.

During the production period, our staff will remain in constant contact with the supplier to make sure everything is processed according to the agreement. Upon leaving China, OPC staff will coordinate export operations in cooperation with the customer export department and the forwarder.

Quality control

As soon as the supplier informs us that the goods are ready and before loading the container, OPC will handle quality control.

This service originates from the customers’ need to feel more confident that the merchandise produced complies with the expectations of the buyer.

This is a factory inspection carried out by our staff with the purpose of checking random samples of bulk production ready to be loaded in the containers. The checklists our staff has to fill out are written together with the customer, who is the true owner of the know-how on the product. Usually the control is carried out on 5% of the total volume of the goods.

At the end of the check, a report will be drawn up to show what happened during the visit and, if there were any major problems, the ability to stop the cargo and negotiate with the supplier accordingly.

Assistance during business trips in China

The presence of a buying office in China that closely manages the total volume of a customer’s purchase is an important advantage and requirement, however, the visit of the customer to the production plants, we consider it very important. In relation to how big the purchase volume is, the more important it will be to visit the customer.

OPC will arrange for you this trip and will accompany you during your visits to suppliers. Our staff is Italian and fluent in Chinese or Chinese and fluent in English.

Market research

OPC doesn’t only purchase but also sales.

For this purpose, we conduct market research with the aim of providing up-to-date and accurate information to decision makers with the aim of defining the market structure and providing a thorough analysis of the consumers’ behaviors and decision-making processes.

Typically, a market research needs to answer a number of questions, from the most basic to the most articulate, that an entrepreneur has to make when assessing entry to a new market.

At the end of a market research our aim is to have a list of possible leads to contact to arrange one to one with clients.